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Published on: 16 September 2021

The American Film Festival came to an end last weekend. It has taken on an environmental and sustainable aspect. 

Its everyday actions illustrate this commitment: waste management, dematerialization, the development of a green system and partnerships with dedicated companies such as Bonnaire Traiteur, MTCA, La Boîte Zéro Déchet and Le Grenier du Lux. 



Bonnaire Traiteur ( Bonnaire Catering) 

This company is dedicated to a sustainable and quality food supply: Local, seasonal and organic produce. 

Bonnaire Traiteur has the Normandy Catering label which guarantees the reduction of environmental impact and the protection of ecosystems as well as being ISO 20121 certified. 


Bonnaire Traiteur (catering) is developing an ecologically responsible approach: a sustainable site,    

Vegetable patch, permaculture, buildings constructed to respect the environment (wooded parc, reduced energy consumption, controlled waste management, and a no- plastic  commitment. )




The company MTCA (Audiovisual communication technical means) is committed to sustainable development and the transition towards renewable energy. This includes the following:


Recycling of used material: each category of waste corresponds to specific treatment. 

The Carbon footprint: The group manages its carbon costs for its activities and displacements. It has its own storage area enabling verification and reliability of materials. 

Transport: The vehicles used are in compliance with European standards EURO VI, thanks to low levels of pollution and consumption. It also has a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles which is a step towards the energy transition. 

Lighting: The group uses LED lighting (less electrical distribution) which guarantees a lower electric consumption. 

Green housing: The Normandy based society Webaxys develops storage areas that are powered with rechargeable batteries thanks to photovoltaic panels. This also results in the use of materials that have become obsolete. 

Dematerialization: the vast majority of documents are dematerialized thanks to various software programs and applications. 


Boîte Zéro Déchet (The No-Waste Box) is a global recycling solution for face masks which are currently not recycled by local authorities or traditional recycling plants. They are then sent to Terracycle to be recycled. They are then transformed into materials which can be used again. 

This company was present at the Deauville American Film Festival and was greatly appreciated by the general public. 


The Grenier du Lux

The Grenier du Lucxand the Atelier du Lux are two entities which came into being during lockdown in the Autumn of 2020, under the guidance of two lighting designers, Nicholas Valette and Frederic Viel. 


As a result of seeing materials that were constantly being replaced by other materials in their sector, they had the idea of giving a second life to projectors, which were no longer used on various sets, in cinemas, in television or elsewhere. Little by little, they became interested in other objects that could be used again. 


The company Grenier du Lux therefore uses old projectors whereas The Atelier du Lux concentrates on giving a new life to other lighting objects. 


These lights and projectors were used to decorate various areas during the Film Festival at the CID. 

Marie-Anne Blossier

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