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Published on: 02 September 2021

Meeting with Gregory Doudoux, events manager at MTCA. 


Could you tell us about your company and the services that it provides? 

In 2021, we have 46 years of experience in professional audiovisual services and three regional agencies in Caen, Le Havre and Rouen. 

Mica helps its clients in France and abroad to meet their events’ needs and to help set up audiovisual equipment. With more than 2,000 events and 1700 set ups per year, MTCA is recognized and appreciated for its ability to adapt and its technical know-how. 

A big thank you to our clients for their loyalty ( Paris and Normandy events agencies, Haropa, Credit Agricole Normandie, Science Po Paris and Le Havre, Salle Pleyel, the Seine Maritime region, the Normandy region, The University of Rouen, INSA, The Rouen Opera House, Rouen Exhibition Events, Matmut, Sanofi Pasteur, Exxon, Total, Caisse d’Epargne… »


Well done to out team for their technical expertise and wisdom (technical directors, general managers, lighting panel operators, photograph managers, lighting technicians, electricians, sound engineers, directors, vision engineers, cameramen, video technicians, riggers, structural technicians.. 350 people who work each year for MTCA. 

How do you prepare for the American Film Festival?

MTCA has been a partner to this festival since 2010. The preparation includes meetings beforehand with the technical managers at the Congress Centre. MTCA manages all of the digital camera screening, the audio transmission (Atmos system with 62 speakers all around the auditorium), the lighting, camera shots.

The arrival of the celebrities on the red carpet, the main stage for the presentations of the films, press conferences, the whole festival is assured by the technical and human capabilities of MTCA. 

What is your mission during the festival? 

MTCA’s mission is spread over 18 days and includes setting up and dismounting with an average of over 30 on-site technicians. In order to manage sound, lighting and video requirements a great deal of resources are needed. 

We are very proud to participate in the success of the Deauville American Film Festival and we are currently preparing for the 48th edition. 

Marie-Anne Blossier

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