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Interview / 11 October 2022

ISO 20121 / 07 October 2022

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Actuality / 03 October 2022

C.I.D / 20 September 2022

C.I.D / 04 September 2022

C.I.D / 02 September 2022

C.I.D / 20 July 2022

BS Congress is coming back to Deauville!

We met up with Sonia Lopez – Agency Manager : Could you present your company and the concept behind the ...
C.I.D / 15 June 2022

The Deauville International Centre unveils a new space

As it’s 30th anniversary approaches, the Deauville International Centre offers you an exclusive new venue for the ...
C.I.D / 16 May 2022

The Deauville International Centre welcomes the General Assembly of the Groupama Company

On the 11 May The Deauville International Centre will welcome the General Assembly of the Groupama Company for the ...
C.I.D / 11 May 2022

The Deauville International Centre has just launched a new marketing campaign

The Deauville International Centre-Congress Centre- has just launched a new marketing campaign. A colourful campaign ...
C.I.D / 09 May 2022

The Deauville International Centre participates in the organisation of School Summer Games

From the 14 to 22 May 2022, the School Summer Games will take place. For this 19th edition, Normandy and Deauville have ...
C.I.D / 06 May 2022

C.I.D / 03 May 2022

Discover the VIP Pass for the Deauville American Film Festival

From the 2 to the 11 September 2022 the Deauville American Film Festival will present 70 films showcasing the diversity ...
Brand new experience / 03 May 2022

Choose the Deauville International Centre for your event

The Deauville International Centre is currently hosting its first public high-end  adventure international trade ...
C.I.D / 29 April 2022

The Deauville Congress Centre will be present at the Heavent Meetings in Cannes

The Deauville Congress Centre will be present at the Heavent Meetings in Cannes. We spoke to Pauline Decanter, Marketing ...
C.I.D / 13 April 2022

100% recyclable bottles in the CID catering service

The catering service is continuing its efforts to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. All areas of ...
ISO 20121 / 08 April 2022

Deauville, certified as a sustainable and innovative destination. 

In maintaining its RSE commitments and iso 20121, the Deauville Congress Centre is proud to be part of the sustainable ...
ISO 20121 / 05 April 2022

9th Congress of the Association of French speaking Orthodontists

The 9th Congress of the Association of French speaking Orthodontists ( the AIOF) took place at the Deauville ...
Interview / 29 March 2022

Distriboissons in Deauville

Distriboissons, the first wholesale drinks distributor, is currently organising the Distridays Convention 2022 in ...
C.I.D / 23 March 2022

Mercedes Benz Trucks France convention

Meeting with Maryline SEPRE, Marketing Project Manager at Mercedes Benz France and Fanny QUENNOUELLE, Account ...
Interview / 11 March 2022

Interview / 25 January 2022

The CID wishes you a very happy new year 2022 !

We would like to wish you a very happy new year 2022 and we hope that it will bring you success and happiness in your ...
C.I.D / 01 January 2022

ISO 20121 / 10 November 2021

C.I.D / 30 October 2021

Brand new experience / 29 October 2021

C.I.D / 21 September 2021

Study Case / 19 September 2021

C.I.D / 15 September 2021


ONET ensures the cleaning of 18000 m2 of surface in the Deauville Congress Centre. Among the service providers who work ...
C.I.D / 17 September 2021

Sustainable aspect on the American Film Festival

The American Film Festival came to an end last weekend. It has taken on an environmental and sustainable ...
C.I.D / 16 September 2021


Meeting with Gregory Doudoux, events manager at MTCA.    Could you tell us about your company and the ...
C.I.D / 02 September 2021

Looking back on the Deauville Tattoo Festival

On the 21-22 August, The Deauville Congress Centre welcomed the Deauville Tattoo Festival where more than 200 French and ...
C.I.D / 24 August 2021

Groupama for the Manche area

Meeting with Florent Poittevin de la Frégonnière, General Secretary and Marketing Director of Groupama for ...
Interview / 01 July 2021

Deauville Tattoo Festival

The Deauville International Centre will host its first event since activities have resumed. We spoke to Romain, festival ...
/ 24 June 2021

All lights are green for activities to once again resume at the CID !

Between now and the end of the year, The Deauville International Centre will host around 30 events, of which 3 general ...
C.I.D / 17 June 2021

Festival: Discover the VIP PASS offer

Come and experience one of the greatest Cinema festivals in France.  The Deauville American Film Festival, the ...
/ 14 June 2021

Interview / 07 June 2021

17 Conference rooms entirely renovated.

17 conference rooms recently renovated and ready to welcome you! The Deauville Congress Centre has just finished ...
C.I.D / 31 May 2021

General Assembly : Notaries from the Court of Appeal in Caen.

Today, The Deauville International Centre opens its doors once again to welcome the General Assembly of Notaries from ...
C.I.D / 20 May 2021

The Deauville International Centre is ready to welcome you back.

Good news for all you professionals ! The Deauville International Centre is finally able to welcome all professional ...
/ 20 May 2021

C.I.D / 15 April 2021

C.I.D / 04 January 2021

So don’t cancel your event: transform it

So don’t cancel your event: transform it! Don’t stop communicating with your teams, partners or clients ...
Brand new experience / 01 December 2020

C.I.D / 23 October 2020

C.I.D / 12 August 2020

Actuality / 29 July 2020

C.I.D / 24 July 2020

The Deauville International Centre reopened for the 2020 Company Representatives Seminar. 

On 2nd July, the Congress Centre was delighted to welcome business leaders from the Normandy region for the 2020 Company ...
C.I.D / 03 July 2020

The resumption of events

Good news ! Professional events at C.I.D. are back on track. The Deauville International Centre is actively ...
/ 25 June 2020

Videoconference: The digital solution for your meetings.

We are currently facing a revolution in the events industry. To deal with these unexpected changes brought about by the ...
/ 22 June 2020

Culinary experiences and atmosphere guaranteed with the Cooking Challenge!

Cooking brings people together and the French are passionate about it, as witnessed by the huge audiences for reality ...
Interview / 18 June 2020

46th edition of the Deauville American Film Festival

  The Rendez-Vous with Cinema in Deauville from 4-13 September 2020     The organisation ...
Brand new experience / 16 June 2020

Let's adapt your event to the new sanitary requirements!

The Deauville Convention Centre is getting ready to welcome your events again!  The Deauville International ...
/ 11 May 2020

Deauville : Meeting of delegates from the medical sector !

The Deauville Congress Centre is hosting the 3rd Normandy Nursing Home Congress and the 8th Wound Care Congress : ...
C.I.D / 06 March 2020

Coffee breaks: privileging local produce

At the Deauville Congress Centre, 100% of the coffee breaks are organised by the catering service with an average of two ...
ISO 20121 / 03 March 2020

Recycling of exhibition material is making progress

The Deauville Congress Centre collects 105 tons of waste produced as a result of 126 events throughout 2019. 40% of the ...
ISO 20121 / 02 March 2020

C.I.D / 07 February 2020

The CID was dressed in the colours of SKODA for a day! 

Hopscotch Events and SKODA chose The Deauville International Centre to organise the company’s annual ...
C.I.D / 03 February 2020

A great start in business activity at the C.I.D

The Deauville Congress Centre has had a successful January, with a 65% occupancy rate. Transport, health, industry, ...
C.I.D / 21 January 2020

How the carpet is transformed ?

Always with a view to reducing the environmental impact of its events, The Deauville Congress Centre has published the ...
ISO 20121 / 17 January 2020

Actuality / 13 January 2020

Deauville, World Capital of Equine Health in 2020

The Deauville International Centre has been chosen to host the IEIDC in 2020, the 11th edition of the World Congress for ...
C.I.D / 10 January 2020

C.I.D / 03 January 2020

There are 2 trotti-scoots under the Christmas tree at the C.I.D!

Alexandre Torosoglu, Manager of Trotti-Elec, has just left two Trotti-Scoots, customized with the colours of the C.I.D, ...
C.I.D / 13 December 2019

The Deauville Film Festival : on-line ticket sales and gift shop

The 46th edition of the Deauville American Film Festival will take place from the 4th to the 13th September 2020. The ...
Brand new experience / 10 December 2019

Heavent Paris 2019 : what we have loved

We spent a day at the Heavent exhibition in Paris, which took place from the 26 - 28 November 2019. This unforgettable ...
/ 09 December 2019

The Toy and Game Preshow

A meeting with Jean Luc Garnier, Retail and Exhibition Director - INFOPRO Digital.   The Toy and Game Preshow ...
Interview / 05 December 2019

Business Normandy
C.I.D / 04 December 2019

The School Summer Games2022 in Normandy and in Deauville

It’s official, Normandy will host the biggest cultural sports event in the world in 2022 :The School Summer ...
Brand new experience / 02 December 2019

Jean Dujardin takes part in a photo shoot at Deauville’s Villa Le Cercle.

The famous photographer Marcel Hartmann recently organised a photo shoot with Jean Dujardin in Deauville-Trouville. ...
Brand new experience / 26 November 2019

Energy sharing between the pool and the C.I.D

During the construction of the congress Centre in 1991, a thermal study was carried out in an effort to reduce the ...
C.I.D / 22 November 2019

Success of the CFE-CGC Congress !

The CFE-CGC chose the C.I.D to organise their congress. This Union Management Congress is organised every 3 years and ...
Study Case / 18 November 2019

Jeff will run the 1st InDeauville International Marathon

Our colleague and Technical Manager Jean-Francois  Vincent, alias Jeff, will represent the C.I.D at the next ...
Interview / 14 November 2019

New C.I.D website

The C.I.D has chosen D-Impulse to work on its new website. This agency, based in Rouen and specialised in digital ...
C.I.D / 22 October 2019

Save the date : The American Film Festival

The dates for the 46th American Film Festival in Deauville are now official. Companies can meet up and have their image ...
Brand new experience / 22 October 2019

The Generali Event at the C.I.D

The Generali has called upon the C.I.D for several years to organise its regional events. We talked to Olivier ...
Study Case / 25 September 2019

The C.I.D recycles its used flooring materials

The Deauville Congress Centre recycles its used flooring materials. Always in the perspective of reducing the ...
ISO 20121 / 14 May 2019

Responsible International Destinations

Deauville, an innovative region Deauville is a key player in a pilot project initiated by the Ministry of Foreign ...
ISO 20121 / 14 May 2019
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